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Gold Coast Crane Trucks goes on our Christmas break from the 20th December. We return on the 6th January. But don't worry, we have a skeleton crew to operate in this period and we are still available for bookings during this time. Please note, The Christmas Curfew for oversize loads begins at 12am on the 20th December and ends at 12am, 2nd January. For Bookings over the Christmas period, please call 0412 048 806.

Crane Truck Hire

Gold Coast Crane Trucks & Transport supplies a diverse range of crane trucks for projects throughout the Gold Coast.

Our success comes from our varied selection of crane trucks for hire which allows us to meet the demands of almost any freight transport project in South East Queensland. Whether you need to transport shipping containers, portable buildings, heavy machinery, steel frames, boats, factory machines or any general freight, Gold Coast Crane Trucks & Transport are the most versatile choice.

Bringing you highly effective and professional crane trucks for hire, well-trained operators and 30 years of experience in the industry.

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goldcoastcranehire-noemy-crane-hire Sunshine Coast

The Noemy twin steer crane truck for hire is a heavy-duty platform designed for lifting and transporting heavy loads throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond.

If you are looking for shipping container transportation, pontoon transportation, trusses transportation and water tank transportation, Gold Coast Crane Truck & Transport’s Noemy crane truck for hire is a comprehensive solution for heavy load lifting and transportation. With a 14 m trailer with 20-metre extension available, a maximum transport load of 17 tonnes and capable of lifting loads of up to 11.5 tonnes, the Noemy can always deliver your load.

goldcoastcranehire-seaworld-train-transport-hire Gold Coast
goldcoastcranehire-zola-crane-hire Brisbane

The Zola crane truck for hire is extremely versatile with a large crane which allows  us to load and unload materials without having to be close to the designated area.

For oversized loads, such as portable buildings, boats, pontoons and more, the Zola crane truck for hire is Gold Coast Crane Truck & Transport’s adaptable heavy load crane truck hire. With a transportation capacity of 13 tonnes and a 15 m long crane, the Zola crane truck is fitted with the latest and safest gear and is serviced yearly to keep breakdowns to a minimum.

goldcoastcranehire-zola-hire Tweed Heads
goldcoastcranehire-angus-crane-hire Tweed Heads

Our Angus twin steer crane truck for hire is the ideal transportation and lifting solution for steel or timber poles and beams.

For any transportation of general site sheds, steel frame, beams, poles or medium-sized signage, our Angus crane truck hire provides you with powerful and robust lifting and transportation solutions. Capable of transporting heavy loads of up to 12 tonnes and with a 12.4 m reach crane, our Angus crane truck for hire is operated by fully-trained and licenced operators who go above and beyond to ensure that your project is completed safely and with the highest customer satisfaction.

goldcoastcranehire-angus-crane-hire-boat-transport Currumbin
goldcoastcranehire-arnie-crane-hire Sunshine Coast

The Arnie crane truck for hire is a smaller scale crane truck best suited for small machinery, steel beams transportation and steel frame transportation throughout the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

The Arnie crane truck for hire is a smaller, more mobile crane truck capable of transporting loads of up to 6 tonne and with a robust crane with a load capacity of 0.9 tonnes at its maximum 7-metre reach. Easier to use and faster to load than other trucks, the Arnie crane truck hire is best suited for the prompt delivery of materials such as beams, poles, timber and other material to a construction site.

goldcoastcranehire-Arnie-crane-truck Brisbane

Our Scuba crane truck/tilt tray for hire is our go-to towing and vehicle transport truck, used to tow vehicle breakdowns, perform machinery transport and much more throughout the Gold Coast.

gold coast crane hire fleet Currumbin

Perfect for any towing or vehicle transport, the Scuba crane truck is best suited to loading and transporting general loads, vehicles and medium sized containers. With a max load of 9 tonnes, a crane reach length of 10 metres and a lifting capacity of 1.2 tonnes at full length, our Scuba crane truck for hire is powerful enough to move just about anything that will fit on the tray.

gold coast crane hire-heavy-load-transport Brisbane
goldcoastcranehire-majec-crane-hire Brisbane

Our Majec crane truck for hire is ideal for lifting loads of up to 400 kg at full 27 m reach to difficult to reach places, whether at Gold Coast construction sites, Brisbane warehouses or for Sunshine Coast traffic light installation.

One of our most versatile crane trucks available, the Majec, is an efficient long-reach crane truck useful for any light to medium sized load lifting and transportation. Perfect for carrying large quantities of steel and timber beams to a location and lifting them to the appropriate position, our Majec crane truck for hire is often used to install light poles, traffic lights or lift materials to the upper floors of a construction project.

goldcoastcranehire-majec-crane-hire Brisbane
goldcoastcranehire-lizzie-crane-hire Tweed Heads

The Lizzie crane truck for hire is great for is perfect for any job that needs a bit of extra reach. Lizzie is ideal for transporting steel beams, signs, air conditioners, timber poles and beams.

With the ability to lift 400kg at 15m reach, it has no problem lifting air conditioners to the roof or installing light weight signs. With it’s 8.5m tray and a maximum payload of 6 tonne, Lizzie can transport the sign as well. It’s also one of our lightest trucks, which makes it perfect for working on suspended concrete or bridges. Lizzie Crane truck is also great for jobs that are a bit heavier, with the crane’s ability to lift 2.2 tonne at 3m.

goldcoastcranehire-lizzie-crane-hire-boat-transport Currumbin
goldcoastcranehire-salazar-crane-hire Sunshine Coast

The Salazar crane truck for hire is great for transporting portable buildings, roof trusses, steel works, machinery, trucks, containers and concrete products. With our low loader trailer, it can carry a maximum of 30 tonne!

Salazar Prime Mover is regularly used to transport concrete panels and steel works every week. Using our Low loader trailer with ramps and width extension to 3.5m, it can even transport machinery, cranes and trucks. We have a flat deck extendable trailer and a drop deck extendable trailer, both extend up to 20m with a maximum load of 22 tonnes; perfect for transporting long steel beams and trusses.

goldcoastcranehire-salazar-crane-truck Brisbane

Contact us for crane truck hire and transport solutions on the Gold Coast.

For more information about our diverse range of crane trucks for hire for material transport, contact Gold Coast Crane Truck & Transport today.

Contact us today and receive a free quote on our wet hire crane trucks for hire, available for freight transport projects throughout South East Queensland, including water tank transportation, portable building transportation, steel beam transportation. Or if you have any further questions, feel free to use the enquiry form below.

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